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Strategic sustainability plan
Individual giving campaign support
Organizational development

How we collaborated “Building the case”

The AmplifyDMC team helped WSCO’s new executive director isolate the organization’s work streams that needed funding—and were the most fundable. We then used our grant prospecting software to identify a list of promising potential funders that matched WSCO’s key areas of work. From this list, we built a schedule for drafting and submitting applications and coached WSCO on reaching out to funders so that the executive director could build relationships before applying.

From there, we worked together to tease out the nuances of “asks”—how to present WSCO’s work and programs in grant proposals so that they resonate based on each funder’s priorities and guidelines. Meanwhile, we also launched a plan for individual giving, helping WSCO run Give to the Max Day and year-end fundraising campaigns. These campaigns were designed to act as templates for individual giving appeals in years to come.

How we amplified

Ultimately, our partnership led to a strategic sustainability plan that identified both WSCO’s strengths and weaknesses and laid the groundwork for future fundraising success, long-term. We also lent organizational development support for the new executive director as she strove to gain her footing as a fundraiser and budget manager while also staying true to the organization’s essential program work.

“As a new executive director, I knew collaborating with a strong partner like AmplifyDMC would help WSCO put the right systems in place for future sustainability. The Amplify team did a great job of jumping right in and understanding the whole picture: our community’s needs, WSCO’s organizational needs, and what support I needed as a new ED.”

Monica BravoExecutive Director

WSCO leaders at the organization’s 2018 Annual Meeting

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