Sometimes, what prevents you from thriving is internal. With experience at multiple levels of nonprofit management, Amplify can help your organization assess internal barriers and identify the best path forward. 
In supporting organizations with fundraising and communications, our work inevitably intersects with all aspects of nonprofit operations. Have an initiative that needs a skilled project manager or facilitator? Freeing you up to focus on other work, Amplify can step in to lead a successful rollout thanks to our knowledge of how projects, fundraising, and communications intersect and affect all areas of an organization, including financegovernanceand human resources. 

How we can amplify your management:

  • Department or staffing structure  
  • Project or implementation planning 
  • Operational process and procedure documentation 
  • Board development, relations, and governance support
  • Program design 
  • Budget development 
  • Project management 


True to its name, MoveFwd partnered with AmplifyDMC to build a progressive development strategy that could elevate its fundraising success and help the organization move forward with a new executive director. Read more about our work with MoveFwd here.

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