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Grocery stores give back

By May 11, 2018May 17th, 2018One Comment

Have you been asked to “round up,” donate your canvas bag refund, or support a nonprofit of the month in some way at your local grocery store? You might be surprised how easy it can be to apply for one of these give-back programs:

Whole Foods

  • “Giving Days” donate 5% of all store revenue on a given day to a local nonprofit. Apply here.
  • Your local store may have other giving programs, such as “One Dime at a Time,” with bag refunds going to a chosen nonprofit.

Trader Joe’s

  • Donation requests and inquiries are best arranged by connecting with the Donations Coordinator at your neighborhood Trader Joe’s. Here are some more details about how TJ’s gives back.

Fresh Thyme

  • Shoppers can choose a nonprofit to donate to at check-out.
  • Fresh Thyme Giving Bag donates $1 to a nonprofit of the shopper’s choice when they buy a reusable Fresh Thyme grocery bag. Fill out this form to add your nonprofit to your local Fresh Thyme’s list.

Lunds & Byerlys

  • These stores support both “neighborhood organizations” and “multi-community social organizations.” Visit this page to learn more.

Many grocery co-ops offer shoppers “round-up” options and other opportunities to support local organizations.

  • Given their “grassroots” nature, the best way to get your organization involved is to ask in person.
  • Many co-ops use hand-written applications for their giving programs. If this is the case in your neighborhood, we recommend dropping off the application with the store manager or someone involved in the decision-making—this way, you can give a brief pitch about your organization. If you have a brochure or other overview materials, it’s also a good idea to submit that with your application.

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