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It all starts with audience. Do you know who your donors, volunteers, and champions are? From journey mapping to creating a long-term communications plan to crafting key messages, we can help you figure out what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to.

While those foundational pieces are critical, sometimes you just need a simple turn of phrase. We’re here for you there, too. Ultimately, a clear set of key messages will help you reach your target audiences—and in turn have an easier time amplifying your fundraising and marketing efforts.

How we can amplify your communications:

  • Media outreach
  • Media training
  • Social media planning and implementation
  • Website design and updates


AmplifyDMC originally worked with RS EDEN to seek grants to bridge the funding gap for the Supportive Housing program. AmplifyDMC identified a list of funding prospects, coached leadership on cultivation strategies, and crafted compelling grants proposals, which resulted in significant financial support. Through this process, it became clear that RS EDEN needed to refresh its brand and messaging to better communicate to the community its mission, activities, and impact. AmplifyDMC developed a strategy for RS EDEN to achieve its goals by creating a professional profile including a refreshed logo, streamlined marketing materials, and a dynamic website.

RS EDEN now sends quarterly newsletters to a growing list of subscribers, updates its programs on the website, and attracts a stable of both continuing and new support. In fact, RS EDEN was recently featured as a Nonprofit to Know by the Minnesota Philanthropy Partners.

With help from AmplifyDMC, RS EDEN now has clear and focused messaging and a visible community presence.


AmplifyDMC partnered with The Hope of House Presbyterian Church (HOH), one of Minnesota’s largest Presbyterian churches, to update its look. The goal of the redesign was to modernize HOH’s visual identity while maintaining key elements of the current design. One of the key project elements was to develop an updated design for HOH’s annual report. Using what we had learned through managing communications for HOH, AmplifyDMC moved the format from a compilation of committee reports to a design that integrates images and infographics to illustrate the community impact of HOH activities during 2016 and 2017. Members, donors, vendors, and community partners all received the updated report highlighting the best of HOH’s past, present, and future.

HoH Annual Report Before
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HoH Annual Report After
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