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Amplify Communications | My blog post is due today

By March 17, 2017July 9th, 2021No Comments

Have you ever found yourself facing down a blank screen and a ticking clock knowing that you have a blog post or newsletter article to write? That’s me, right now.

Yes, this is exactly the situation we advise AmplifyDMC clients to avoid. A combination of client work, company launch responsibilities, vacation and the foggy brain of a mild cold (aka REALITY!) conspired and so I find myself here. Can you relate?

Here are a few simple strategies to avoid finding yourself in this situation:

  • Develop an editorial calendar for the quarter or the year depending on how frequently you post. Not only does this relieve the pressure of deciding what to write at the last minute, it can ensure that what you are writing about connects to organizational priorities and events.
  • Keep a running list of possible topics to draw from when writer’s block hits or the topic on the editorial calendar seems off-base. Connecting your topic list to current events and organizational activities is a great way to offer relevant content to your readers.
  • Block time on your calendar for writing. I do my best writing first thing in the morning. Your ideal writing time may be different. Once I have a draft, I like to let it sit for a day before reviewing and editing. Admittedly deadlines and project demands rarely allow for this, but it is something I keep in mind when I have more schedule flexibility. As with many things, practice, habit, and routine make writing easier.

For a more humorous take on this topic:

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