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Introducing Katherine, our first paid summer intern

By June 28, 2018July 9th, 2021One Comment

Katherine JossiAs she researched potential summer internships this spring, Katherine Jossi hoped to land somewhere “that would benefit from the somewhat strange skillset” she had built up before and during her time at college.

Currently a student at Beloit College in Wisconsin majoring in History and minoring in Journalism, Katherine’s wide-ranging experience includes photography, videography, social media content creation, retail, and more. When her mother Judy (a business and nonprofit consultant herself) told her about AmplifyDMC, Katherine says, “I loved how multifaceted the company was, and I knew in a company like that I would grow and learn a lot from different people.”

It turns out her eclectic skills were a perfect fit. Katherine hit the ground running, acquainting herself with AmplifyDMC’s diverse set of clients. “Something that has been super interesting to me is the inner workings of nonprofits and how complicated it can get trying to maintain an organization,” says Katherine. “I’ve also learned how expansive the nonprofit world in the Twin Cities is and it has been fascinating to see all the ways people are trying to make these cities better, and also the challenges that arise in those pursuits.”

She has already helped produce a guide to crowdfunding, created content for AmplifyDMC and client social media channels, and done grants prospecting research. “I think I’ve learned this cluster of skills that will be valuable to me as I go forward,” Katherine says. “Everything from leaving an effective and concise voicemail about a community meeting space to making an efficient Excel spreadsheet to producing Facebook content that can reach a wide and good audience.

“I’ve really enjoyed how open everyone on the team has been to my ideas and interests and also in trusting me to complete an assortment of projects. I really value that respect and if anything it pushes me to work harder and produce the best possible content I can.”

Thank you, Katherine—AmplifyDMC is lucky to have you with us this summer!

One Comment

  • Cindy Carlson says:

    It’s great to start the week off with a positive feel-good story like this. Reading about Katherine’s internship experience takes me back many years ago to when I had a summer internship…and how important that was in setting me on a path for what has become my life’s work. I’m happy this is a win for you, Katherine….and for AmplifyDMC and clients!

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